PUBG Deston security key and security room locations

You'll want to know the PUBG Deston security key and room locations if you're looking to access the best loot in the game and gain a huge advantage over the opposition. Deston is the latest map in the game, and is currently the hugest one in PUBG's history, combining varied locations and a massive city together. Across the map, you can once again find security keys to gain access to secret rooms full of high-quality loot. So if you're looking for the PUBG Deston security key locations, along with the secret rooms themselves, we've got you covered. 

The PUBG Deston security keys can be found in many locations across the map, and typically have a secret room associated with them that's located nearby. This means if you find a security key, you can be sure to locate a secret room nearby, however, there are some exceptions where you'll be able to take the key to any secret room.  Key Management System

PUBG Deston security key and security room locations

Some places also have more keys than rooms, such as the city of Ripton. Another exception is the secret room located in Concert, which requires you to use a drone to access it. 

Here are all the security key locations listed, and you can also find maps detailing the locations above. 

It's worth noting that secret rooms are on a random rotation, so every match will have different ones that spawn in. This means even if you are familiar with all the potential spawn points, you can still get unlucky and not find any. A sneaky tactic you can sometimes use to gain access to secret rooms is just waiting. If you find a secret room, wait nearby for someone to come with a key, kill them, and loot it from their body. You should also be careful of players using this tactic on you, and lock doors behind you when exploring a secret room.

That's all for our primer on the PUBG Deston security key locations, and now you know where to find the security keys and secret rooms.

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PUBG Deston security key and security room locations

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