Home decoration is an essential part of Diwali. So, let your kids join this time to adorn the abode with some unique craft ideas to have a wonderful Diwali.

Diwali is a grand festival of Indians, which is associated with lights, colours and sweets. This is the occasion of sharing love and gifts with each other and meeting your family and friends. This is the time when we redecorate and adorn our abode in a new style to welcome our guests. Simple Paper Craft

6 Unique and creative craft ideas to decorate your home with kids THIS Diwali | PINKVILLA

This year, Diwali will be celebrated on November 14. So, you can do something different for this year. Include your kids also in the decoration so that even they can help and enjoy the home décor with you. Here are some ideas for that.

Craft ideas with kids for Diwali:

When it comes to home décor with kids, then you can definitely use some unique craft ideas to adorn your abode:

If you want to create a gorgeous chandelier for your rooms, then simply take a hula hoop and wrap it up with fairy lights to light up the room. Check the video below.

Thread lanterns look magnificent in the rooms. You just need adhesive, wool, balloon and paper. Your kids will enjoy doing this. Check out the video below.

See the video below to learn the techniques of decorating your wall with different crafts with your kids.

Paper diyas would be a great idea for the walls as well. So, take some papers and scissors and then cut them for the diyas with your kids. Take a look at the video.  

These candles can be added to your puja room for decoration. So, learn the techniques and do it with your child.

If your kids want to make rangoli, then introduce them with this easy rangoli craft to indulge in colours this Diwali.

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6 Unique and creative craft ideas to decorate your home with kids THIS Diwali | PINKVILLA

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